Over the years, Fornax has supplied several ovens to the pharmaceutical industry. The ovens are electrically heated continuous ovens. They work either by heating and circulating air in the furnace chamber, or by radiant heat from IR heaters heating the items.

Fornax Medico continuous oven

In this oven, the workpieces are fed into the oven at stepwise intervals – they are fed in and come out at the same end. The temperature in this type of oven is 130 °C. The oven is custom-made and very complex with a built-in cooling zone – a fine example illustrating Fornax’ innovative versatility.

Fornax IR oven

The Fornax IR continuous oven is a small oven that provides a maximum temperature of 650 °C. The items are heated exclusively by means of radiation. The oven has built-in cooling and is a small compact oven mounted with wheels, so it is movable. The IR heating takes place using IR tiles, which have a long service life.

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