Custom-made ovens and plants for heat treatment

Over the years, Fornax A/S has delivered custom-made solutions for technical heat treatment to industries all over Europe and to, for example, the USA, Egypt, Malaysia, China, Russia and Japan. The solution is prepared according to the customer’s needs and in close cooperation with the customer. Construction and production of the plant take place at the factory in Silkeborg, where the plant is tested under operating conditions and in the presence of the customer before dispatch.

The composite and foam glass industries are some of Fornax’s focus areas. For these industries, unique solutions optimizing the customer’s production have been developed in close cooperation with the customer.

Furthermore, Fornax offers a range of standard chamber ovens that can be adapted to individual applications with great flexibility in design. Thus, Fornax supply ovens for tempering springs (conveyor and batch ovens), rotating casting ovens, shrink ovens and annealing ovens.

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Plants for industrial heat treatment

Fornax A/S is a specialist in technical heat treatment for industrial customers. Ovens and heat treatment facilities are often included in production lines where one weak link can put an entire production to a halt. At Fornax, we are very aware of the robustness and reliability this requires from our products. Fornax supplies plants to the following industries, among others:

  • Wind mill industry
  • Elektro motor industry
  • Pump industry
  • Metal packaging industry
  • Metal industry

Fornax takes responsibility for the entire delivery. New products developed at Fornax will be tested in full cycle under the supervision of the customer.
Fornax also offers installation and commissioning as well as subsequent service of delivered systems.