About Fornax

Gazelle 2020_

In recent years, Fornax has experienced good progress and thus achieved classification as Børsen Gazelle 2020. Of course, we are proud and grateful for this classification.

Fornax was founded in the early 1930ies. Since the current owners took over Fornax in 1996, we have focussed on custom-made industrial equipment. The project framework is defined in cooperation with the customer. Fornax takes care of design, development and production of the necessary equipment. We install and commission the ovens at customers’ all over the world.

Fornax – which means ‘oven’ in Latin – has approx. 20 employees manufacturing the ovens in Silkeborg. We have dealers in several European countries and export more than half of our production.



Fornax will be the preferred partner within knowledge-based, custom-made solutions for industrial heat treatment.

Fornax will be known as the loyal and professional partner delivering “on time – on spec”.

Fornax will employ professionally skilled and innovative employees.


Fornax supplies equipment to customers in Denmark and abroad.

Fornax take pride in the robustness, quality and service life of our equipment.

Our outlook is international, and our vision is global, i.a. Fornax has employees of foreign nationality.


Fornax appreciates the equal partnership with our customers.

Openness, honesty and respect form the basis for long-term cooperation.