Glasc / Ceramic

Furnaces in this category operate at temperatures from 600 °C up to 1500 °C. The oven types are called Fornax Foam Glass oven, Fornax T-HT oven / furnace and Fornax Debinder HT oven, respectively.

Foam glass furnace

The Fornax foam glass furnace is a conveyor oven built according to the customer’s capacities. The foam glass furnaces that Fornax has built to date are 40 to 50 meters in length and with a bandwidth of 1500 mm. The conveyor system in these ovens is made of MA253 steel that can withstand the high temperatures.

The oven is built in sections:

  • Inlet section
  • Preheating section
  • Foaming section
  • Cooling section (can be deselected)
  • Outlet section

The outlet section has rollers which break the finished product into small pieces. The furnaces are available as electrically heated or as gas heated. The maximum temperature is approximately 1100 °C.



Fornax T-HT ovens are often constructed as chamber ovens. They are, however, also available as conveyor ovens. HT ovens are characterized by working temperatures above 250 °C. Different materials are used in terms of both steel and insulation depending on the maximum working temperature of the oven. The maximum temperature of the Fornax T-HT oven is 1500 °C. The ovens are used for both drying, curing and heat treatment in various other processes. In ovens for heating above 600 ° C, the chamber is insulated with ceramic material, whereas the chamber in ovens operating at 1000 °C is bricked up with heat-resistant stones. The ovens can be supplied with electric heaters or for heating with gas.


Fornax Debinder HT

Our Fornax Debinder-HT oven has an oven chamber with rounded corners to strengthen the chamber. The oven has a built-in nitrogen system, so the burning process can take place in an oxygen-poor atmosphere. The maximum temperature of the oven is 600 °C. In the process, gases are emitted, which are then sucked from the furnace chamber through a connected afterburner.
In the process, gases are released – drawn out of the furnace chamber and through a connected afterburner burning the gases at a temperature between 850 and 950 °C. The Fornax Debinder HT oven only comes with electric heaters, whereas it is optional whether you want an afterburner for gas or electricity.