ovens for the ELECTRO industry

For many years, Fornax has been a supplier to the electrical industry. Fornax produces three types of ovens called Fornax Econax, Fornax BO and Fornax BOT.

Fornax Econax is a burn-out oven operating as a closed circuit with temperatures up to 420 °C. The oven requires no chimney, and therefore, it is easy to find room for it. The Fornax Econax is available in the following sizes:

Type Chamber WxHxD Outer dimension WxHxD kW Maximum load
1200 1000x1000x1200 2400x2250x1600 24 1300 kg
3000 1200x1200x2000 2800x2530x2400 36 2000 kg
6000 1800x1800x1800 3400x2700x2200 36 2500 kg

Purpose – Fornax Econax og Fornax BO


Fornax Econax and Fornax BO are for burning out stators on electric motors and generators. The Fornax Econax range is intended for small and medium-sized repair shops. The Fornax BO range is intended for medium-sized and large repair shops.


Fornax Econax is heated by electricity. The gases released during the burn-out process are led to a condenser, where they are deposited in water. A nitrogen generator feeds nitrogen to the oven chamber at the beginning of the burn-out cycle to reduce the concentration of oxygen in the oven chamber, thereby minimizing the risk of fire or explosion.

Fornax BO is heated by gas (natural gas or LPG) or oil. The process ensures a low oxygen concentration in the oven chamber during the burn-out cycle. The released gases are led to a thermal afterburner, where they are oxidized at high temperature (850-950 °C) before being led to the chimney.

Main components

  • Oven body
  • High quality insulation (mineral wool)
  • Circulation fan(s) ensuring a uniform heat distribution in the oven chamber
  • With or without trolley
  • Control cabinet with control system


Gas monitoring system
Fire extinguishing system