Our many years of experience in the construction of furnaces for hardening and drying of electric motors for the electrical industry have over the years also qualified Fornax as a supplier to the automotive industry. Here, Fornax’ products are part of a production line where generators and electric motors are fully machined.

The process is as follows:

  1. The items are heated in our Fornax preheat oven to approx. 90 °C.
  2. Items get varnished / impregnated (not a Fornax product).
  3. Items rotate slowly through the Fornax gelling oven while the varnish is still liquid.
  4. Final curing of the items takes place in the last oven – a Fornax curing oven.

The ovens are tailor-made, and the process can vary depending on the wishes and requirements of the individual customer.

For further information, please contact our sales director Mr. René Knudsen

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